If your business needs some architectural photography, it can be tempting to use amateur or inexperienced photographers who charge you little or nothing at all. This is a bad idea. Even if you’re not wasting your money, you’re wasting your time.

You may blanch at the fees professional photographers charge, but you need to invest in quality work. Potential clients are turned off by mediocre images, which look unprofessional. In fact, they will question your own professional capabilities if you’re willing to settle for subpar images.

Maybe you’re still not convinced as to why you should hire a professional photographer in the first place, so keep reading.  

Save Yourself Time

If you want free or low-budget photographers, you have to find them first. Once you’ve found your photographer, they’ll arrive at your establishment and spend at least a few hours taking photographs. After the photo shoot, they will probably spend some time editing the photos. When you are unhappy with your final results, you’ll have to start the process all over again and find a quality photographer instead.

Technical Skills

Experienced photographers have technical skills and problem-solving capabilities that amateurs lack. The right photographers will ask you questions in order to understand your vision and try to bring that idea to life.  


Oftentimes, in order to obtain the best images, photographers must use rather costly equipment. Costing up to tens of thousands of dollars, professional equipment requires an investment. Amateurs are more likely to not invest in such equipment or even know how to properly operate it.


One area of photography that many people do not think about is the editing process. Because all of this work is behind the scenes, people are unaware of the amount of work that goes into editing. Although anyone can use Photoshop,  professional photographers have more in-depth experience with it and have access to the best editing software available. Editing helps retouch pictures, crop photos, adjust color settings, and set photos to the right amount of exposure.


For professional photographers, their art is their livelihood, so they take each project seriously. Time is money, so it’s not going to be wasted by professionals. People who are being paid little or nothing could take their time getting around to editing their work. They may or may not be responsive to your calls or emails.

My Commercial Photography Work

With years of experience in both architectural and commercial photography in Houston, I enjoy the planning and technical requirements involved in my work. I’ve worked with a variety of different businesses, including hotels, resorts, medical establishments, industrial sites, and more.

How I Approach My Work

Before starting each project, I examine the angles, interior and exterior lighting, staging, image requirements, and equipment appropriate for the location. In order to capture the best light conditions available, I may visit the same location several times throughout the day. When editing images, I pay attention to the tiniest details so that you obtain the highest-quality photos available. By working in a timely manner and building relationships with my clients, many of my clients are repeat clients. Check out my galleries and feel free to reach out to me for your commercial photography needs in Houston.