Capturing the beauty of a building in a photograph may seem like a simple task, but it’s often more complicated than it seems. Excellent architectural photographers capture not just the building itself but the overall design, which can include walkways, arches, and the surrounding landscape. Today we would like to further discuss the subject of architectural photography.

Exterior Architectural Photography

One of the biggest challenges of exterior architectural photography is lighting. During the day, the sun hits buildings at different angles, some better than others. Most likely, anyone who has ever picked up a camera knows that lighting can make or break a picture. Shooting photos at night when the building is illuminated by outdoor lighting can result in truly stunning imagery, transforming otherwise ordinary architecture into a work of art. Incorporating building aesthetics into its surrounding environment can also result in unique, beautiful, imagery.

Interior Architectural Photography

By using ambient lighting, which is lighting from street lights or open windows, you can transform interior architectural photography into gorgeous works of art. The most important equipment that you can use is supplemental lighting, which comes from a flash. The best indoor architectural photography flawlessly incorporates the use of both positive and negative space into the imagery. By adjusting the lighting, the photographer takes control of the imagery photographed.

Types of Architectural Photography

A variety of different industries benefit from architectural photography, including apartment complexes. Medical buildings, retails buildings, hotels, resorts, industrial sites, and many more commercial sites. Apartment complexes need outstanding photos for their website in order to entice people to want to live on their premises. Hotel photography highlights the amenities and perks of staying at that particular hotel. For instance, one of the main draws for a beachfront hotel or resort is that the rooms have a view of the ocean. Industrial sites often need crisp, clean images for their websites so that people can learn more about the company.

Apartment Photography

With an abundance of unique neighborhoods, Houston features a plethora of high-end apartment complexes. For people moving to the city from out of state, they need a place to live quickly, so they search for apartments on the internet. Apartment complexes need high-quality photos to attract potential tenants. With many years of experience shooting multi-family units, I provide images that highlight the beauty of each complex. If your building’s photos are out of date, you could lose valuable business. If you are interested in drawing more tenants to your apartment complex or high-rise, please check out my portfolio. Over the years, I’ve worked with a variety of different apartment companies.

No matter what type of architectural photography you are looking for, I have years of experience working with businesses spanning the entire Houston area. Not only do I provide high-quality and professional work, but clients often find me easy to work with. In fact, most of my clients are repeat customers who choose to work with me time and time again. If you are looking for real estate photography, architectural photography, or any kind of building photography in Houston, reach out to me today.