If you own a company, your place of business could attract more valuable clients to your establishment or it could repel people. Most likely, you’ve invested a significant amount of money in the construction and maintenance of your workspace. Why wouldn’t you invest money in a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your building?

Make the Right First Impression

Oftentimes, the first impression potential clients develop of your business comes from your website imagery. In today’s digital world, clients often look up your business in a search engine and check out your website to see what you’re all about before they even walk in your doors.

Therefore, it only makes sense to hire an established architectural photographer with years of experience. As a seasoned commercial photographer, I specialize in architectural photography and capture images of a variety of different business places. Over the years, I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the components needed to create the highest-quality images possible.

What Sets My Photography Apart

Not only can I perfectly stage a setting, I also assess the lighting, angles, equipment needed and other elements the image requires. Working hard to capture the most flattering lighting for your business, I may visit the site several times a day to take photos.

Even the best photography could require extensive editing, and I am well-versed in Photoshop. To create the highest-quality images, I spend hours editing photos using Photoshop, blending layers and making any necessary corrections. By seamlessly removing unwanted elements and enhancing different properties, I create visually stunning results.

Quality Results

You get what you pay for, so if you hire an amateur photographer you may be disappointed with the results. Whether you need photography for your website or social media sites or are looking for images to place in a brochure, I can help you. As a professional photographer, I take my work seriously and treat it as a business. In fact, many of my clients find me so easy to work with and professional that they become repeat customers.

My architectural photography spans a variety of different industries, including apartments, medical establishments, retail stores, hotels, resorts, real estate and industrial buildings. Working with businesses both big and small, my work helps attract clients into your establishment so that you can make more money.

Different Types of Architectural Photography

Apartment Photography

Back in the day, people found apartments and multi-family units by driving around or looking for ads in the paper. Today, the first step potential tenants take is to conduct an online search for apartments in the area. If your photography is poor quality or out-of-date, they may not even consider renting from your establishment.

However, if your photography highlights the available units and amenities well, potential renters may feel the need to check out your facilities as soon as possible. I provide interior and exterior shots that truly capture the unique beauty of your complex, drawing more business to your company.

Medical Photography

Whether you are looking for photography for a medical office, lab, or hospital, your medical establishment needs to look as clean, inviting and professional as possible. Let’s face it; most patients do not look forward to doctor visits or going to the hospital, so it’s best to display your medical business in an inviting light.

I photograph everything from the individual rooms in your office to the exterior of your building and everything in between. Through the use of internal and external lighting, I highlight the cleanliness and attractiveness of your building, drawing potential patients to your business. You can attract more patients to your practice when they are impressed with your facilities, which is why professional photography is so important.

Retail Photography

If your retail photography looks cluttered or has bad lighting, people may not want to walk in your doors. Whether you own a drug store, convenience store or other small business, you want to attract as many customers into your establishment to yield the highest possible profits.

I can help stage your store setting to look as professional as possible, eliminating any distracting clutter. By using supplemental lighting and taking advantage of natural lighting, I can capture the best possible images of your business. By taking great care editing images in Photoshop, I provide you with the highest-quality results.  

Hotel and Resort Photography

We all work hard to obtain some rest and relaxation, so why would you want to take a vacation at a resort with poor-quality, outdated photos? Most likely, you would move onto the next resort you found on your online search without giving it another thought. The majority of your customer base searches online for hotels and resorts, which means that your imagery needs to look as professional as possible.

I’ve worked as an architectural photographer for a variety of different resorts and hotels in the Houston area. Throughout the day, I take advantage of the best lighting possible while adding supplemental lighting when needed. If necessary, I stage the shot to perfectly capture the space and eliminate any unwanted clutter. With my photography, you can draw more potential clients to your site using high-quality imagery that captures your property in the best possible light.

Industrial Photography

If you own an industrial business, you may wonder if it’s even possible to take great photos of your establishment. Throughout the years, I have taken pictures of a variety of different industrial sites and produced excellent results.

A variety of different factors play into an excellent industrial building photo. In order to obtain the best images, I often shoot photos with no people or few people in the background. I like to start with a clean background to create a well-balanced image. By taking advantage of available lighting as well as incorporating supplemental lighting when needed, I capture your space in the most flattering light possible. By shooting from a variety of different angles, I can produce the best results.

Residential Photography

If you’re putting your house on the market, the sooner you sell it, the better. Before buyers ever set foot in your house, they will most likely search through listings online. Homes with the best pictures are more likely to draw buyers to the property. Don’t delay a sale using poor-quality photography.

I’ve shot a variety of different homes throughout the Houston area, and I understand how to produce the best results. Both interior and exterior photography are important, so I make sure to capture the home in the best light. Often, I like to take advantage of the lighting during the sunset or sunrise to produce beautiful exterior architectural photography. Highlighting natural lighting inside of homes helps entice buyers to visit your home as well.

Buyers seek out a variety of different qualities in their future homes, including ample closet space, cleanliness, open space and lots of natural light. Most likely, you’ve already staged your home to appeal to buyers, and I highlight the best characteristics of your home in my photography. When you use my professional images, you could sell your home faster.

Why It Always Pays to Hire a Professional Photographer

Are you still on the fence about hiring a professional photographer? Of course, you always have the option of hiring your neighbor’s high school daughter because she is currently taking a photography class. She seems like a good kid, but is that really a good idea? Here are some reasons to stick with a professional.


What if your neighbor’s daughter takes photos of your building and you don’t like them? After playing phone tag, you finally scheduled a session, but then you had to wait for her to upload and edit the pictures. Weeks have flown by and now you’re right back where you started.

Save yourself time by hiring the right person for the job the first time. Although you may have to wait a little while initially to book a session, you’ll feel so pleased with the timely, high-quality results.

As a professional, my business is my livelihood and I work in a timely manner. I thoroughly edit each image instead of rushing through the entire process. Although I put a lot of effort into the detail work of my images, I still provide photos in a timely manner.


In order to create the highest-quality images, I use a variety of professional photography equipment amateurs often don’t know how to use or even possess. My investing in the best equipment and staying abreast of the latest photographic technology, I produce superior results you simply won’t find with novice photographers.


We all know how rapidly technology changes and evolves, and I stay educated about the latest software. When editing photos, I spend hours on Photoshop correcting and enhancing images to provide the cleanest possible results.

Easy To Work With

Artists often have a reputation for being temperamental, and no one wants to work with someone who is unreliable or has a bad attitude. Most of my clients are repeat customers because they enjoy working with me and like my photography.

I am easy to get in touch with and quick to respond so that you can wait as little as possible to schedule a session with me. I try to shoot my photos as unobtrusively as possible and may visit your site several times throughout the day to capture different types of light.      

How You Can Use Your Architectural Photography

Your business images help reflect your brand and what your company is all about. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional photographer in Houston, you may be wondering how you can get the most use out of your imagery. Here are some ways in which you could display your photos:

Your Website

Of course, this is the most important area to display your favorite images. Whenever potential clients want to know more about your business, the first place they head to is your website. With the invention of smartphones, accessing the internet is easier than ever. Not only does your website need to look good on a desktop, it needs to look great on a mobile device as well. By using high-resolution photography, you can transform the look and feel of your website.

In this day and age, branding is everything, and professional images reflect your brand. Help people better understand what your business is about and who you are using professional photography.

Google My Business

The majority of people using online search engines turn to Google, and optimizing your Google My Business profile could benefit you. This tool provides a map of your location, your hours of operation, your phone number and a link to your website. Having a professional photograph your business helps create an excellent first impression when people are interested in your company.

Social Media

Having social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help boost the web presence of your business. Your followers may notice when you post your professional photography, resulting in more likes, clicks and shares. Not only will this boost your search engine presence, it creates more interest in your business.


If you would like to attract quality employees to your place of business, creating a LinkedIn account will benefit your business. Many qualified job seekers consult this site to find potential workplaces. You could always add some architectural photos to the site so that potential employers can get a better feel for your company.


If your company produces brochures for your services or products, be sure to add your architectural photos to them. An excellent source of information, brochures could convince clients why they should choose to conduct business at your establishment.

With so many uses for architectural photography, it is well worth the time and money to invest in my professional photography services. With years of experience as an architectural photographer in the Houston area, I use my expertise and hard work to create the best images for your company or your home. If a picture speaks a thousand words, excellent photography can speak volumes about who you are and what your business is about.

You can reach me via phone, email or by filling out my contact form. I would love to add you to my list of satisfied clients.