While I enjoy all types of photography, I find that the technical and planning requirements for quality architectural photography best suit my abilities. I approach each commercial photography project by taking into consideration the angles of the sun, the best time of day, interior and exterior lighting, supplemental lighting, staging, people, image requirements, equipment best suited for the job and the many unknowns that happen with every shoot. It’s not unusual for me to schedule several sessions for one professional photography job to take advantage of the best lighting throughout the day and twilights at dawn or dusk. I also spend a great amount of time in Photoshop correcting, enhancing and editing images by blending layers, removing unwanted elements, correcting alignments and doing whatever is needed to enhance the images. Most of my clients are repeat customers from multiple industries who find me to be very professional and easy to work with.

I can be reached by email or phone and welcome any questions or opportunities you have.

Email: jerrybsmith@yahoo.com
Phone: (713) 332-9866